Page Title Splitter

Lets you set breakpoints on your posts, pages and custom post types title without having to add html to the title by setting markers in the title textfield.

This allow for a better layout of the title on desktop version of the site and when on a mobile device it gives you the ability to remove the breakpoints by adjusting the CSS. Some of the other uses are that you can set markers in the textfield to highlight colours of certain words in the title.

How to Use

Setting Breakpoints

Add Marker
Go to either Add/Edit a Post, Page or Custom Post Type and you will find a bar underneath the title textfield. To the left of that bar you will find the button ¦ once pressed this will add a marker at the start of the title. Now by clicking anywhere in the title the marker will then move to that position and that is where the page break will occur in the title. You can add as many markers as needed to the title.

Move Marker
Click on the arrow that sits below the marker, that marker will then highlight. Now you can click anywhere in the title to move the marker to that position.

Delete Marker
Click on the arrow that sits below the marker, that marker will then highlight. If you look to the left of the bar underneath the textfield you will see a x by clicking on that button it will delete the marker.

Display on Page

The modified title can be show on the website by adding one of the following functions to your page source code. If no variable is added to the function it will grab the Post ID of the current page and if a Post ID is added as a variable, the function will display the modified title of that Post ID.

This will allow you to store the title in a variable or other structure.

This will print out the title on the page.

ex. with Post ID <?php the_split_title(12); ?> and without <?php the_split_title(); ?>